I didn't lose




[ Note: read this in order and slowly, don't skip ahead ] 

    This story is all about a Question. A question with an obvious answer. But sometimes I doubt the obvious answer as the answer was questioned too much. But eventually, the answer gets reaffirmed by several tests and challenges.

One day, on a normal lazy day, the above question hit me but this time it hit me quite differently...I failed the test, the test to prove the obvious answer.

"Sh1T!!! WHY???"

Doubts, anxiety, fear, that's what's occupying my mind at the time. But here is my thing I don't give up very easily.

I retake all the challenges and tests to prove my answer. 


*After many retries (I even pause my background music and trieDD)*

But still, I failed...I was about to give up but out of nowhere, this guy looked me in the eye and I couldn't give up ...

In the end, I failed but I tried my best. 


I guess I am not a HUMAN or is there a bug in the CAPTCHA?



CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) I didn't make that up.


 The guy who looked me the eye. I will never forget him.

[That's a real captcha. I didn't edit the image.]

Is that Guy a TRUCK?

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