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Random Memes and Talks will make your day



Hey, I understand there is a lot to worry about right now in your life.

And it's totally fine, we all have problems, different problems, and many things to worry about.

Now, leave all your problems, worries and doubts aside for a few minutes and allow me to share with you some solutions to some of your problems.

Some dose of random memes and random talks will hopefully pause the fast and noisy world around you.

Note: I do not own the images below.

Heard Windows 11 is coming up soon. Let's hope for some useful features. Shall I do an article on the upcoming Windows 11? Let me know...

YES, this is so true. We just get used to, and need more, no matter how much we have. 

In another perspective, we humans wouldn't be developing if we are satisfied with whatever we have.

Just imagine if our stone-age ancestors were satisfied with their living style (no 720p will exist). XD







This will haunt me today :-(

Haha... We all need this sometimes. No seriously when we put ourselves in a do-or-die situation we are more likely to succeed. You don't necessarily need to take the above risk but hear me out "Laziness, doubts, and distractions non-exist in a do or die situation".

Dude, you need a better IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

I don't know when will I start reading those boooring documentation before actually using the product. :-))






I think we stop ourselves from achieving our dreams more than anyone or anything. And one of the reasons why we stop ourselves is because of "the fear", the fear of failure, the fear of looking stupid in front of people, the shame, embarrassment and the fear of "What will people think of me?"...

"What will people think of me?" This is just another silly excuse. 



We are all leaving this world someday and forever. And all the silly mistakes we made, the errors, the humiliations will all be forgotten with time. But our great achievements and our contribution to society will stay and passed down to the human generations. 


And I wonder myself why am I still living with "the fear".


Share me your favorite memes, interesting idea, your amazing life experiences, or anything that you want to share with meandmyqwerty.

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