How to comment on social platforms like a pro?

Here is HOW you do it

#alien-shorts #2


[ Caution: This article might harm your left brain. This is not for Infants]



As some of you guys requested, here is how you can do "The million likes COMMENT" on social platforms like Youtube, Reddit, Facebook, Physicsbook, Instagram, Kilogram, Telegram including PHUB (PoliceHusbandUber-driverBros) and, many more. 

"Composing Comments" is a skill, difficult-to-learn but if you put in the right hours, it will be simple but not easy, as once a wise man said " Be Who You Are Meant To Be(dumbass) "

The goal of this Article is to guide you with the right skills and mindset, so that YOUR comment (I repeat YOUR COMMENT) will impact billion people's life.

[ NOTE: Please use this article wisely, and don't forget to mute the likes notification as you might harm your device with the flooded likes notification. ]


  • Know how to handle FAME
  • Basic human language ( I see many alien comments which doesn't make sense at all)
  • Basic Algebra to calculate the exact no. of likes in your COMMENT
  • Good Control of your hand to avoid posting before perfecting.


[ Remove your headphones, pause the song for a few minutes, hydrate yourself with a small glass of water (I said water) And F.O.C.U.S (Find-it Out Coz. You Should) ]


* Did you ever question yourself why can't you do it?

No? Why not? Questioning yourself is the only window(sXP) to creative ideas. 

* To accomplish our aforementioned goal, only creativity, practice and mainly luck will help us. But, hey...Don't worry I will guide you with "How You Can Get Luckier In the Game Too..."

[ Note: The guidelines on this article is totally based on our TEAM's research on the topic and interviews with the celebrities behind those internetional-hit comments ]

* Follow-me (Steps-to-follow):

  • The first step is learning to control your "Comment Composing Creativity". So that you can get creative anytime, anywhere and not get creative when you are not using your own social-account. Why am I so selfish? Please never use other's account. Checkmate
  • In order to complete the second step you need to know that the first step was just a stupid joke.



 That's how one of my favorite movie ended :( 




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