How to press CTRL?

This is how you can press CTRL

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Like any other skill, this requires hours and hours practice and it's the only key to fully master your CTRL on your $100+ mechanical keyboard or my close to free price range keyboard. Now get yourself READY...

Pressing the CTRL:

This is the moment y'all have been waiting for... 

[ Note: This article only focuses on the left-CTRL (other keys coming soon). Don't miss the steps below or you will be stuck in this. ]


  1. First and foremost ensure that your keyboard is fully functional.

  2. Ensure that your keyboard is plugged in.

  3. Clean your CTRL key with a dry cloth and your fingers too if you are using your fingers.

  4. "Use only your pinky to press CTRL" is a myth. You don't need to worry, you can use anything you prefer like your thumb, toes, pen, pencil, Phillips head screwdriver, your HDMI cable and the list goes on...You can skip step 5 if you are not using your fingers to press CTRL.

  5. {If you are using FINGERS} Now, warm up your fingers. You can accomplish this by doing simple exercises like lifting your unplugged CPU case or your Gaming Chair. Don't worry if you don't have a Gaming Chair or you work on a standing desk, you can still try lifting your keyboard with each finger well balancing it in the middle.

  6. After all of the above steps are followed carefully, open a text-editor before you finally press it, to make sure that you pressed.

  7. Now start off by gently pushing the CTRL key down with whatever you are using.

  8. Keep pushing/pressing harder until something appears on your text editor.

  9. HARDER, STRONGER, comeon you can do this ...

  10. Oh...wait a min, pressing CTRL won't display anything on your text-editor.

  11. 5#17!! tutorial failed. Hope you didn't break your keyboard. I will be back with specialized software to learn and practice your CTRL skill.


Don't worry if you did break your keyboard. I will be doing a givaway of my unused 3.5 inches, 1,048,576 BYTES capacity Floppy Disk very soon.

SO, turn onnnn the notification of to never miss another amazing tutorial and G1VEAWAYS.



Comment down or email me(my-email) on what keys or topic shall I cover next! AND don't worry about the left-CTRL.


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