Students cheating on exams is NOT BAD.

#1 #ShortSpeak on students and cheating.

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Student & Cheating (on tests/exams)



Before we begin, let's talk about one basic nature of we humans

Finding a clever way - We are now no longer that stone-age people inside caves and I think it's because we have been solving problems and finding a clever and better way to live life.

We are still in search of better ways for doing various things, which is leading us towards development, from cave to building, we have come so far just because we found better and more clever ways of doing things.



May I remind you that students are human too. Wait... I'll explain. Most schools and learning institutions nowadays just expect students to work hard and pass out their exams with a grade A. But passing exams with grade A is never equivalent to learning. And I think we don't need to question the by-heart capacity of a human being.

Now, clearing out exams with A grade is the ultimate goal. Learning institutions and schools seem to just demand students to memorize and write it out. It's more like testing our memory rather than our intelligence.


Since, writing exams to just hit that A has now become most student's goal, I think cheating and copying are much like a more clever way to get that A grade. Now, you get why I reminded you that students are human too. They are just finding clever ways to TOP the exam.

They are never wrong to cheat and copy in exams. What's really wrong is the thing the schools are demanding from the students. Only if schools demanded students - knowledge, skills, and their original idea. Only then students would ever find clever ways to, consume knowledge, understand more, think more effectively to discover that ORIGINAL idea. 


And I think this is one of the problems why our generation is still as clever as those of the old Greek mathematicians and philosopher thousands of years back. We still use those same old formulas to develop our surroundings but very few people nowadays chase to discover that new formula, that new idea that will change the world.

 Not many run after an ORIGINAL idea rather most of us now are thriving to become rich, live a comfortable life and that's it. And I'm not saying that living a comfortable life is bad. But living to just survive makes us not different from animals.

All of this is just because of one small and not very wise decision schools make -- to produce more A grades and not original ideas.

Now I can say cheating on exams is development.

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